All of us like to pack light on travel, and a portable juicer can make our trip really easy and comfortable. Moreover, if you want only one serving of juice or smoothie in the morning, then why would you carry a big mixer? You just need a portable juicer to fulfil your travel and daily needs.

The portable juicer is packed with enough power to meet all your daily blending and fitness needs. You can make anything with the help of these juicers from juice to baby food or protein shake to coffee. Moreover, these USB juicers come with a USB charger. So, if you ever thought of reading a mail and crushing ice from the same laptop, you can even do that also. There are a variety of USB rechargeable portable juicers available in the Indian market, but here are some of the best juicers that you can buy.

Best Juicers in India:

1. Color Full Refreshing Blenders:

         When it comes to choose the colors on what you choosing, then this is the best and powerful Blender in market that comes with a 400 ml clear titan jar, which allows you to blend protein shakes for your gym, fruit-infused water, milkshakes, booster juice, or mixed fruit juices.

Colors In Blender:

Brayden Fito Atom comes with 6 different amazing cool colors which you can choose as on your taste of interest. Fito Atom Rechargeable blender Blending juices, smoothies, shakes with this power-packed USB juicer is easy, and it can be used anywhere as the blender is entirely lightweight, available in 6 Different colors.

Get To Know The Features:

This Fito Atom Portable Juicers is equipped with a 3.7V motor along with a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, which offers 15-20 minutes of blending with 6-8 hours of a single charge.

The portable USB electric juicer also features a twin touch button to ensure safety while using it. Moreover, its compact and lightweight body makes it easy to carry, and you can take it wherever you go.


2. Office Rechargeable Blenders

This is another latest USB Portable Juicers. This juicer is newly launched, and it is equipped with a lot of amazing features at a very afford

Can You Take it To office?

Since the weight is not even more than handling laptop, or carrying heavy files which you carried for whole month. So one can blend the juice, smoothies, milkshakes, and fresh vegetables at office which all reduce your work pressure and makes your day more healthy and organic.

Let's Look Out Amazing Built-in's

This trendy Brayden Fito-Squash bottle blender has a built in 2400mAh Battery Capacity, and it can be easily carried around whether you are in the gym, office, or on the go! The portable USB juicer comes in an elegant Olive green Color with perfect matt finish outer body.

 The flat line twist cap with carrying around ring adds gives more style to the blender while the silicone ring on the cap ensures zero spillage when you are on the go.


3. Handy Travel Blenders:

The juice so called Kup-Q from Brayden World, has many competitive features that make it ideal for making fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and ice slushies everywhere.

On Go For Vacation!

It comes with a long battery life as it is equipped with a Li-ion battery with 450 ml capacity, which is perfect for personal use, travel mode, and for vacation.


Will Juicer Run Prolong Time?

Yes, You can charge the blender wirelessly within 3 hours as it has a 2400 mAH battery, allowing you to blend up to more than 12 times with single charge.

What safety does it give?

You can use this rechargeable blender. safely as it comes with a 2 Touch safety locking mechanism and a LED indicator that turns red every time only if the jar isn’t fitting properly.


5. Juicer Pack

This is a very efficient and powerful blender that is easy to easy and perfect for home maker, working women/men, and it is quite fun to make your favorite smoothies, protein shakes, juices, etc. Let's say using this juicer anywhere and everywhere you go makes your day complete without dehydration.

This Brayden Fito Zapp 3.0 comes with a combo of 400ml Juice Jar, 300ml Juice Jar, 2 Sporty flip-flop cap, Masala Jar, Blending Blade, Grinding Blade and Motor Unit with cord.

This portable fruit and vegetable juicer & masala mixer comes with a hi-gloss pristine glass blending BPA free jar, which is safe from micro-plastic particles.

Moreover, you can be assured that the food you are consuming is safe as the plastic used is both food-grade and BPA-free. The portable jar is scratch-proof and the seal is leak-proof- two important features that allow you to carry the blender anywhere you want without worrying about damage.

4.Handy Gift Blenders:

This juicer is actually known for its compact design. The cup shaped body is so attractive and very much comfortable to hold. It is featured with Dual point smart magnetic Induction USB charging which can be charged with power bank, laptop, car adapters. 2 hours charge of Fito Kup-Q can run upto 12 juicing cycles. Chisel chop twin blade in Kup Q crushes the fruits and veggies to the perfect state.

Take it to your office, gym, car, sports arena, picnic or wherever as it is so comfortable to carry. Enjoy making fruit juices, baby foods, milk shakes, protein shakes, vegetable juices, mocktail, yoghurt shakes with Fito Kup - Q. Transparent glass jar with 7.4v motor pulverizes juices into seconds. Silicon base for leak proof adds an advantage to fito kup-Q.

 So, these were some of the Best Juicers available in the Indian market. All the products have their own pros and cons in terms of their design and convenience. After all, it's upon you which one you chose to buy according to your needs and purpose.






















March 11, 2023 — Marketing Team