Vegetable juicers are used to make juices from vegetables. They come in different sizes, shapes, and power consumption units. India is a country that is endowed with a variety of vegetables that are constantly in supply in and out of season. Vegetable juicers are therefore used widely in making juices. Vegetable juicers range from the Best Blender Bottle in India with high power consumption and speed to extract juice within less time, to the lower power consumption vegetable juicers like the USB juicers and the USB portable juicers.

You need to understand the quality of the juice that you want to make in order to know which vegetable juicer is best suitable for the task. High power consumption vegetable juicers do not extract much out of vegetables from the less time it takes in the extortion process. However, the low power consumption Vegetable Juicers are preferred when you want to extract enough out of your vegetables.

Nonetheless, regardless of the type, size, and power consumption level, vegetable juicers are still used in making healthy juices.

The following are 7 refreshing summer drinks using a vegetable juicer for weight loss, Let's have a look.

1. Bell Peppers juice

You probably have always enjoyed some food spiced with bell peppers but have never tried a juice of these vegetables. It is your high time to try and feel the power of taste and energy at the same time with this bell pepper juice.

Bell pepper juice is rich in vitamins A, B, and C in raw form. These vitamins are best consumed raw and therefore doing a pepper juice will serve these nutrients in their full.

Bell pepper juice is most considered for its spicy taste that it comes with. It can be consumed raw or added some sweet natural juice like the orange juice to enhance that taste and make it easy to drink.

2. Carrot juice

Among the most essential fruity vegetables in boosting the immune and enhancing the functioning of some of the key areas of the body are carrots. Nonetheless, carrots are loaded with the most versatile nutrients which deform with excessive cooking. For the best out of a carrot, it is therefore recommended to take it raw.

However, raw chewing of these vegetables may not be enough. However, when squeezed or whipped by a vegetable juicer, carrot juice can be obtained. It is sweet in tasting and may not need additives for consumption.

Carrot juice has vitamins and the antioxidant carotene which fights free radicals found in the body. With time in consuming carrot juice, you should enjoy improved vision and glowing skin from the effects of the carotene and vitamins. Carrot juice can best be made using the best juicer machine like the vegetable juicer, centrifugal juicer, and even the Portable Juicer.

3. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice can naturally be made from squeezing the vegetable in a vegetable juicer.

It is rich in water content and therefore can make much juice. Most of the vegetable juicers can be used to whip cabbages to make the cabbage juice.

Cabbage juice is full of detoxifying elements that will enhance the body detoxification process to cleanse the body systems. It also enhances the absorption of elements and nutrients in the body.

4. Beetroot juice

Most of the natural juice enthusiasts identify with beetroot juice very closely as it is a widely used drink in the world. Beetroot is attractive from the deep red wine color that it comes in together with the sour taste of beetroot.

This juice can be consumed independently without additives to enhance the taste. However, it can also be added some natural sweeteners like the orange juice to enhance the taste and make it comfortable to drink.

Beetroot juice can be made from the low power vegetable juicer as the fruit it not resistant to breakage and can easily be whipped. Beetroot is rich in manganese and potassium.

More importantly, it is also loaded with nitrates which are key elements in maintaining a lot of key body functions. Nitrates are rarely found as part of essential elements and can best be consumed in the diet.

This places beetroot juice at a higher demand from health-conscious individuals.

5. Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd also called ‘Lauki’ in India, has consistently been viewed as perhaps the most nutritious veggie.

This vegetable is loaded with water with about 92%. It contains minerals and keeps your body hydrated. "Container gourd is a vegetable high on water and is a rich wellspring of nutrient C, K and calcium.

It helps in keeping up a solid heart and cuts down awful cholesterol levels. The juice is additionally gainful for diabetic patients as it settles the glucose level. It also helps maintaining blood pressure.

Even a USB Portable juicer can help you extract the juice from lauki and can serve you instantly.

6. Ginger and Lemon Juice

It perhaps the most nutritious and healthy juice one can have. The benefits of this are so plenty one can never put them in words.

Weight-loss, metabolism, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-oxidant(detox), blood cleaning, immune strengthening and many more benefits just from this blessed natural juice from vegetables.

Vitamin C enrich juice help to reduce melanin pigment, a remedy to get fair skin. It also helps in digestion hence healthy for stomach.

7. Sweet potato- Ginger-Spinach Juice

This is so far the best smoothie one can have. Enrich with vitamins and minerals this purely vegetarian smoothie is quick to make using USB Portable Juicers USB Portable juicer and best for health. If you’re looking for anti-aging recipe, this smoothie is best option for you because of its natural healthy historically proven ingredients. Having various vitamins including Vitamin B6, C and A this smoothie will help to get glowing smooth skin.


Juices provide immense health benefits and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. The list of health benefits is unending. Juices help lose weight and maintain BMI. Vegetable juices are a healthy way of detoxifying the body. Juices provide crucial vitamins needed for a healthy body and provide a good chunk of fibrous food. Regular consumption of vegetable and fruit juices enhance the immune system of the body.

Fresh juices made at home are more beneficial than packaged ones of the market. Juice consumption removes body toxins and aids in digestion. Anecdotal benefits have a long and unending list and above-mentioned simple mixes can be made at home with least effort.











February 17, 2023 — Marketing Team